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Development times available for new products and their lifecycles are becoming continuously shorter, while complexity and functionality are increasing. Product engineering is an expertise where quality, planning and cost management play a vital role.

The developers at Neways use highly advanced, professional software and a direct, pragmatic approach to translate your specific demands into product design and product optimisation. Using unique logistic software they are able to control the entire technical information flow – from design to production process. They create virtual designs of your products and run virtual design checks before products are put into production. This doesn't only improve the quality process, but also shortens the time to market and lowers costs during the production phase. Thanks to Neways first time right is not just a noble aim, but a reality.

From 1st July 2006, EU-directives apply which include a ban on the use of lead compounds in electronic and electro-technical equipment (RoHS and WEEE). For example, do you know which of the thousands of components on a printed circuit board are lead-free? The Component Data Intelligence System (CDIS) used by Neways provides all the relevant information you need and gives insight in the availability, life cycle status and price advantages of components.